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The power of themes: 5 ideas to make your next conference unforgettable!

When it comes to planning a conference, choosing a theme is a crucial aspect that can make or break the event's success. A well-thought-out theme can help to create a cohesive experience for attendees, foster engagement, and provide a framework for the event's content. Moreover, a creative theme makes your event memorable and stands out in the attendees' minds long after it's over.

What’s in a theme?

A theme provides a concise summary of what you want to achieve. It personifies the conference agenda, aligns with its goals, and sets the attendee's expectations. It creates a cohesive, consistent, and recognizable experience for attendees. It ties together different aspects of the conference such as the content, decor, and activities - thereby reinforcing the conference's messaging. Themes also help increase attendee engagement, differentiate the conference from others in the same industry or space, and help to focus the conference's message and objectives.

How to pick a theme that works for you?

With so much riding on your conference’s theme, selecting the right one can be quite overwhelming. You can consider the following points while you zero in on the perfect theme for your next conference.


The theme should be relevant to the conference's focus and goals. It should provide a framework for the event's content and be able to tie in with the key messages and objectives of the conference.


The theme should resonate with the conference's target audience. It should be appealing and interesting to them and encourage them to participate and engage with the event.


The theme should be creative, and unique, and help to differentiate the conference from others in the same industry or space. A creative and well-executed theme can make the event more memorable and engaging for attendees.

Finally, select a theme that personifies your objectives while leaving some room for interpretation so that it can evolve and adapt to changes without losing its core identity or purpose.

5 themes to make your next conference unforgettable!

While every conference is unique and themes are not usually a ‘one size fits all’ kind of a thing, we’ve put together 5 of our favorite themes from last year to help inspire you and make your next conference unforgettable.


A fun, futuristic, sci-fi theme that’s literally ‘out of this world’. Ideal for companies in the IT space, or otherwise, who want to put the focus on YOU, the attendees, who could be employees of the company or stakeholders and customers you want to celebrate.

Design the conference space to look like a sci-fi spaceship, complete with interactive displays and virtual reality experiences. Encourage attendees to dress in their best futuristic attire, and showcase the latest technology and trends in the industry.

Check out these design renders from our event for eTraveli held earlier this year in Mumbai & Pune.

Universe theme event stage 3D view
Main Stage
Universe themed entrance arch for events 3d design render
Entrance Arch

Youniverse theme logo installation for events 3d design render
Interactive Logo Installation

3d design render of an anti-gravity Photo Booth for events
Anti-Gravity Photo Opportunity

3d render of an art installation of the globe for an event
Company Milestone Installation


Lights. Camera. Action! Bring the excitement and glamour of Hollywood to your audience and treat them like the celebrities they are.

Roll out the red carpet and hire a professional photographer to capture guests as they arrive in their best formal attire. A media backdrop with mock paparazzi flashing cameras will ensure you kick off on the right note by making your guests feel special.

Inside the event space, decorate with black and gold accents, elegant lighting, and movie-themed decors such as clapboards, film reels, and director's chairs. Serve drinks named after classic films and set up the buffet with popcorn and other movie theater snacks.

Use the iconic Academy Awards as inspiration for an awards ceremony for achievements in the company or industry.

Here’s a glimpse of how we use a retro cinema theme to create a visual experience for our client Tourism Australia during the global launch of their brand campaign ‘Come and say G’day’

Ticket counter movie cinema theme
Ticket Counter Registration Desk

Red carpet walkway with media backdrop
Red Carpet Walkway

Movie theatre theme event entrance arch or entry gate
Entrance Arch

Corporate event stage design with large LED screens
Main Stage


Transport your guests back in time to the funky and groovy 1970s with a throwback to the disco era, complete with mirror balls and a dance floor that's always on fire.

Use plenty of glitter, metallic accents, and colored lights to create a fun atmosphere and ensure a true disco feel. Encourage your guests to dress up in their best disco attire, with platform shoes, bell bottoms, and colorful, flowy outfits. Set up a dance floor, photo booth, or even a roller skating rink for guests to enjoy. Have a karaoke contest with disco-themed songs or hire a professional dance group to kick-start the event, or end on a high.

Full disclosure, this nostalgic and extremely lively theme has been our go-to for a number of clients who just want to end a long day of learning & knowledge sharing with an unforgettable party that allows the guests to let loose and dance the night away.

Disco Deewane theme logo and template


Contrary to the box office performance of the recent Ranveer Singh starrer, this theme is always a hit - creating a fun, whimsical atmosphere that transports your guests back to their childhood. Its bright colors, playful decorations, and plenty of entertainment options ensure your guests have a gala time.

Think of vibrant colors and playful patterns. Use striped tablecloths, red and white balloons, and vintage circus posters as backdrops. Incorporate elements like oversized lollipops, candy jars, and circus animal cutouts. Hire acrobats, stilt walkers, and contortionists to entertain your guests. You could also have a clown or magician performing tricks.

Set up carnival games like ring toss, bean bag toss, and balloon darts. Provide prizes for winners and create a fun atmosphere. You could also include face painting, temporary tattoos, or even a photo booth with circus-themed props.

This is a great theme for an annual get-together, milestone celebration, or family day celebration.


This theme could take a more playful approach, imagining a world where AI has taken over.

Decorate the space with robot-themed decor and have performers dress up as robots or cyborgs. Have a robot-themed escape room, AI trivia game, or a virtual reality experience that simulates an AI takeover.

Leverage the use of the latest event tech to draw value from the event while creating a seamless, fun, and engaging experience for your audience.


In conclusion, selecting the right theme for your event is crucial to creating a memorable and engaging experience for attendees. At Merakie, we pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest trends and best practices in event planning to deliver innovative and effective solutions to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help bring your event to life.

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